Not Dead Yet: A Zombie Apocalypse Series (Book 1)


Plot: 4/5     Characters:2/5     Writing: 5/5   Entertainment: 3/5     World Building: 5/5

If you like gritty adventure and zombies, you’ll enjoy this, just be ready to put up with a horrible main character.

18-year-old Jack Strapper is expelled from Eton in England and has no choice but to join the army. Tales of an easy post in Ireland seduce him into leaving home, but what he doesn’t know is that Ireland is experiencing an apocalypse. While the Potato Famine has ended, the dead have come back to feast on the living. Now trapped in a war against the dead, Strapper must find away to survive both the zombies and the members of his unit who suspect him for what he really is: an abosolute coward.
I must say, this is the best indie book I have read in a while. The formatting is perfect, I didn’t notice any spelling/grammatical errors, and the narrative voice (as much as I hate the narrator) was expertly done. The world building is creative and solid. It was so fascinating to see how another time and place deals with a zombie apocalypse. The author knows just how much military exposition and lingo to use without bogging down the story, which I really appreciated. Those elements alone were strong enough that I wanted to see it to the end and recommend to others who like this genre.

Too bad I had to put up with Jack Steapper the whole time. It’s not his cowardice or his giant charade that bothered me, because I think those are good character flaws that can lend themselves to a lot of development, but there wasn’t a single redeeming characteristic about him. At first, I thought it would be funny watch his lies get bigger and bigger, mostly by chance and accident, but it wasn’t. It was nauseating because he’s just a terrible human. It the first time I’ve actually WANTED a character to get eaten by zombies.

It’s really a shame. I would love to explore this world and its possibilities because those elements were brilliantly done but I can’t bring myself to up with Captain Strider for another book. If he didn’t bother you and you read on, get back to me and tell it how it is.

As posted on Amazon on March 31st, 2016 with slight modifications.


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