Just Roll with It–Niki Hagar

Just Roll with It–Niki Hagar

Plot: 3/5       Characters: 3/5        Writing: 3/5      Entertainment: 2/5

If you like New Adult romance, you’ll probably enjoy “Just Roll with It” well enough. Everything about it works, but nothing really goes above and beyond to make it great.

Rigbee is a college student with stellar art skills and social anxiety to boot. Roman is a play-it-cool bad boy who just wants to move on with his life and get through school without getting hung up on anyone who could possibly hurt him. Can Rigbee overcome her panic attacks and can Roman put away his fear of the past so that they can be together?

First off, shout out to Niki Hagar for writing about our joint home state of Michigan. Way to represent. ♥ Also, I’m loving this book’s cover.

Now onto the actual review, even if I’m not quite sure what to say in the review.

Much like “If I Could Turn Back Time,” “Just Roll with It,” is fine as far as New Adult romance goes, but I don’t feel like there’s much to talk about. The characters work fine, but we’ve seen similar characters a lot in the past decade or so. It was nice to see a main character struggle with an anxiety disorder since it’s so common among college students, but I feel like more could have been done with it. The college scenes are believable, but there aren’t enough of them, nor do we feel the pressure of them enough, for them to feel very important.

But, if you’ve enjoyed similar stories in the past, stories about troubled bad boys and girls who are supposed to be “not like other girls,” you’ll like this fine. The writing is polished, the story is believable enough, and the characters and their arcs are okay. If you want something a bit more adventurous and/or creative, it might be best to move along.


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