Child of the Corn: The Budak of the Czech Republic (Creature Feature 4)

Child of the Corn: The Budak of the Czech Republic (Creature Feature 4)

Between porch decorations, coloring book imagery and costumes, scarecrows are a pretty common sight around Halloween. Sometimes they’re scary, sometimes they’re harmless, and sometimes, when you least expect it, they’re even deadly.

Deep within wooden thickets, corn fields, or secluded river beds lurks the bubak of Czech folklore. The bubak is said to resemble a scarecrow, giving it the perfect cover to hide in plain sight during the Halloween season. However, if it wants more souls to weave into its clothes, it has to be a bit craftier than that. Its favorite trick is to hide in the shadows and emit a call that sounds like an abandoned baby crying. When an unsuspecting victim comes looking for the poor child, the bubak steals them away to rip out their soul and weave it into a garment of their choice. No one knows what happens to the husks the bubak leaves behind.

Look on the bright side: if you’re unfortunate enough to fall for the bubak’s tricks, at least you’ll get to ride to your doom in a cart pulled by cats. That’s pretty cool at least, right?

Lucky for us, the moon will be new on Halloween this year. The bubak prefers to hunt for fresh souls during full moons, but who knows? The temptation of all those shadows to hide in and all the people walking about might be too much for the bubak to pass up. So, if you’re out and about this All Hallows Eve, keep an eye on any scarecrows that might be more than they seem and keep your ears on high alert. You just might hear the bubak calling for its next victim.

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